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Patrick Morgan

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Osteopaths are recognized as Allied Health Professionals like Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Paramedics, Radiographers etc. And its a registered profession in the UK. Almost anyone can benefit from osteopathic treatment. Including children, elite athletes and the elderly. By taking your health screen and case history. Then using  our diagnostic skills. We also know when we shouldn’t treat. And  when we need to refer you on. Or share the management of your condition with other Health Professionals.

Loose comfortable clothing. Some items of clothing may be removed to allow closer examination of painful area(s) and diagnostic tests.

Please have a large clean Bath Towel. A clean Face Mask. And a small Pillow. Because the Covid-19 Pandemic remains a concern the practitioner will wear appropriate PPE.

Osteopathy primarily consists of gentle hands on treatment. Involving joint mobilisation & manipulation. The use of varying hand pressure on joints, muscles, fascia and underlying body tissues. Many Osteopaths if clinically indicated, may also use or offer a range of therapy techniques. From disciplines such as physical therapy, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture or rehab. All treatments need your continuous consent to be used on you. Osteopaths will also give advice on diet and lifestyle factors. So you can better manage your condition and improve your overall health and well being.

800 QAR per patient – Cash or Card. 1 Hour Consultation & Treatment. Flexible Times To Suit You. Including Evenings & Weekends. Home, Yacht, Office & Hotel Visits.

Please raise any concerns about your experience with the practitioner immediately. Your feedback is very important to us.  And we endeavour to resolve any issues at the earliest possible point.


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