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London osteopath home visits

Sometimes, top-notch specialists and experts have made evaluations and, too often, said, “We have nothing else to offer,” or “This is the best we can do,” or “ it's a case of having to live with a problem,” or other words to that effect. Our aim at Motion of Health Osteopathy Home Visits is to provide an excellent service in the comfort of your own home.

Patrick Morgan
Owner Motion of Health

Why waste time in the Clinic reception when you can see our osteopath in the comfort of your own home

Our osteopath

Patrick is an internationally renowned Osteopath. He qualified from the oldest and most prestigious Osteopathy school in Europe. He has over 13 years experience. His mission is to use his considerable therapeutic talents. To improve the health and well-being of his patients and clients.

Who does he treat?

Patrick sees individuals from all walks of life and at all stages of their lives. From babies to the elderly. Osteopathy is complementary healthcare for everyone.

What conditions does he treat?

Patrick's complementary health care service covers Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Babies with Colic, Antenatal and Postnatal Women, Digestive Disorders, Tension and Migraine Headaches. Myofascial Pain from almost anywhere in the body including the Face, TMJ, Hip, Shoulder, Knee and Foot. Stress related Psycho-somatic Pain.

need to know

Osteopathic manual medicine is a type of complementary healthcare and can be used alongside other types of  healthcare. Osteopathy is a registered profession in the UK. Osteopaths are also primary healthcare practitioners and have diagnostic skills. So we also know when we shouldn’t treat and when referral to other health professionals is needed.  We often share the management of conditions with other Health Professionals.

Osteopathy primarily consists of gentle hands on treatment. Joint mobilisation & manipulation which, involves the use of varying hand pressure on joints, muscles, fascia and underlying body tissues. At Motion of Health we also use cold laser therapy and electoacupuncture for pain relief and to enhance tissue healing. Patrick also likes to use Naturopathy and Syndrome Acupuncture to help restore balance and energy. Somatic education is a key part of sessions. This has been developed from many years dedicated to learning and teaching martial arts particularly capoeira. As well as from a host of movement therapies and rehabilitation techniques he has learned. Chaperones are welcome during sessions, please note that all treatments need continuous consent.

Loose comfortable clothing. Some items of clothing may be removed to allow closer examination of painful area(s) and diagnostic tests.

Please have a large clean Bath Towel. A clean Face Mask. And a small Pillow. Because the Covid-19 Pandemic remains a concern the practitioner will wear appropriate PPE. Practitioners follow current vaccination advice.

Please check if your health insurance provider will reimburse you for osteopathy. We will  assist you with any additional paper work, which you need to send to them. Upfront fees 120 GBP Cash Only. 60 TO 75 minute consultation & treatment. Flexible times to suit you. Including evenings & weekends. Home & Office. But we can arrange to have visits anywhere you are.

Please raise any concerns about your experience with the practitioner immediately. Your feedback is very important to us. And we endeavour to resolve any issues at the earliest possible point.

I tried many places for my Sciatica, so glad I found
Patrick as he really stands out from the crowd.

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